About the Artist

3000 BC Studio

Sculptor Anthony Kaufmann

Kaufmann’s monumental pieces use mass to attract attention through the vehicle of stone. Mixing mythos, reverential scientific theory and classical proportion, their complexity draws viewers into the story of universal and human origins, layering concepts of physics and physicality. Viewer becomes participant, drawn into a tactile, spatial journey testing the tensile fabric of time and space, re-calibrating one’s notion of scale and self.     –Annie Brule’

 I was born in the vast open Basalt and sage land of central Washington, where my family have been farmers for four generations. Here I learned the value of creative resourcefulness, spending little to no time indoors, choosing to make playthings in the fab shop or explore the wide open spaces, creating in three dimensions my imaginations will. Plants, stone, soil and water will always be my hearts materials. 

My path towards the arts has been organic in its unfolding. It was created by closed doors as much as open ones; punctuated by blind faith, will, natural sensitivities towards material, environments and a series of fortunate apprenticeships. But my work has never forgotten the farm. My mind never rests,  my need to share curiosities or ideas strong with a sense of artistic duty. The Hammer in my hand my heart sings the greatest truths of the chisels song. 

Anthony in his element

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